Welcome to Anthropology2100!

Welcome to Anthropology2100, a cultural anthropology course blog.

Anthropology 2100 was created by the undergraduate students and graduate student TAs of Professor Carole McGranahan’s Introduction to Cultural Anthropology course, Fall 2010 at the University of Colorado.

This blog was designed so that students could read and engage others’ work, rather than solely writing for their professor or TAs.  Our goal is to create a space for discussion and debate outside of the classroom.

Over the course of the semester, students wrote essays on two topics close to our collective hearts: food and love.  Students addressed these topics from anthropological perspectives, exploring how one would approach each topic using two different theories.  Depending on what point in the semester the students wrote their essay, the theories they are using might be a bit old-fashioned or might represent contemporary theories in cultural anthropology.  Either way, our intention is for students to learn anthropological theory by putting it into use.

(Don’t know much about anthropological theory?  Stay tuned for a soon-to-be-released anthropology/theory Wikipage course students are creating.)

We’ve chosen a handful of these essays to put up on Anthropology2100.  As part of their assignment, students are also required to participate in the blog through commenting on posted essays.  Everyone is invited to join in the conversation.

All comments will be moderated for content and tone prior to appearing on the blog. Respectful, civil exchanges, questions, and disagreements are welcome; rude, snarky, and/or mean-spirited comments will not be approved.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to food, love, and anthropology!

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