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Only Got Twenty Dollars In My Pocket

American youth have always used money as an outlet for self-expression. Recently, teens and young adults have shifted their purchasing powers away from ostentatious displays of wealth to a more understated way of making a monetary statement– thrift shopping or … Continue reading

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Coin Cutting

The practicality of artwork has long been debated, usually seen as a marker of civilization but virtually useless. What about the artwork we’ve been so accustomed to that it escapes our notice, passed off as common normalcy and quickly disregarded, … Continue reading

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It’s All Greek To Me

‘Tis the season of door chants, walk-outs, and datebooks. Huh? You might ask, but to a sorority woman this can only mean one thing: the start of formal recruitment. As a member of a sorority, I have heard it all. … Continue reading

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Mr. Mom

For generations, gender roles within the family have been stationary: the father is the head of house and the breadwinner, and the mother raises the children. Many—if not most—women, upon becoming a mother, found themselves in that conventional category of … Continue reading

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The Man Ring

Cultural anthropologists commonly understand the human body to be “pre-cultural” in that an individual has a physical body before s/he has culture. Despite this, the way in which people discuss or, as will be the focus of this paper, adorn … Continue reading

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The American Body Image and Steroid Use

Humans are always looking for an edge. Whether in academics, athletics, or simply physical appearance, humans are always trying to find a way to get ahead of the competition. One of the most highly controversial and publicized means of doing … Continue reading

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Welcome to Anthropology2100–The Fall 2013 Blog!

Welcome to Anthropology2100, a cultural anthropology course blog for Fall 2013. Anthropology 2100 was originally created by the undergraduate students and graduate student TAs of Professor Carole McGranahan’s Introduction to Cultural Anthropology course, Fall 2010 at the University of Colorado. We are … Continue reading

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