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Shouldering the Burden

Students have used a variety of options to pay their own way through college over the years, including scholarships, grants, and working a job or two.  However, modern day American students, for the most part, have parents who are stepping … Continue reading

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Allowance: Is it coddling, or just culture?

When I was growing up, I never received a regular allowance. Whenever my friends sported new shoes or touted concert tickets, I always felt compelled to ask: “Did you really pay for that with your own money??” Of course, the … Continue reading

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Internet Community as Family

Like most great ideas, the impetus for this paper came to me while watching cat videos online. And though perhaps not the best use of time, cat videos, cat gifs, and other cat and kitten themed content are emblematic of … Continue reading

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Practical Adoption

When someone says the word “family” there are a multitude of images that might come to mind for various people. This image is then likely pictured or thought about in juxtaposition to the traditional family. In America the traditional family … Continue reading

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Quick! Picture a person walking. Imagine this march. The left leg is straight, now the right, very slight bending in the knees. The shoulders are back; the arms are away from the body. The chin is up; the eyes are … Continue reading

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