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The Day After Thanksgiving

This sacred unofficial holiday is a day that millions of people around the world wait all year for. People save up their money for this expendable day, and often times, people have been killed in urgency and anticipation of this … Continue reading

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Consumers of Christmas

It’s the week after Halloween and it feels like Christmas day. The mall is covered in lights and garlands, the stores are playing carols, and the TV is showing commercials for the perfect Christmas gift. The only place Christmas hasn’t … Continue reading

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Twins: Legendary or Disposable?

Historically speaking, different cultures have had fascinating views and practices regarding twins.  In some instances twins are praised and seen as a blessing, while in others they have been despised and seen as a bad omen—sometimes leading twins in certain … Continue reading

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Leaving the Nest

One of the most exhilarating and terrifying, yet meaningful and productive actions a teenager can do is fly out of the comfortable coop their parents have built for them.  There is little responsibility while living under a family member’s roof … Continue reading

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Weighed Down

Living in Boulder, I can definitely say that this city touts a healthy lifestyle. While the implementation of healthful living is by no means bad, I have noticed a malicious affect: obese individuals often feel judged by thinner individuals because … Continue reading

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Body Piercings

Body piercings have been around for many years and they are used differently depending on the culture. In America, body piercings have been gaining more popularity. There have been more different types of individuals who are getting piercings, which has … Continue reading

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