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Gender Disparities and representations of Female Sexuality in Food Advertisements

by Chase “I’d let you peak, but I don’t deliver what you’re hungry for.” These are the words of a cartoon woman in a delivery service advertisement. The advertisement is pasted to the ceiling of the bus I take home. … Continue reading

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The Food of Life

by  Logan   Korea has a wide variety of foods. Among Korean foods however, the one that can be said to have the most cultural meaning would be the food called soojaebee. The food can be described as a hot … Continue reading

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Wanna get drinks and then get married after?

By Dana S. If you’re a college student, in your very late teens through mid-twenties, you probably live in a hookup culture. Americans have been long known to seek out that which will gratify us the soonest; we’re always looking … Continue reading

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The Infinite Possibilities of Polyamory

By Chris K. Growing up in America, we are socialized to believe romantic relationships are shared between two people. However, not everyone follows the typical monogamous path that we are taught to take. Polyamorous relationships are those that consist of … Continue reading

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What’s the Safe Word?

By Jamie L. BDSM is probably one of the more common fetishes, and is often mentioned in modern media, though is rarely taken seriously. There are a wide variety of practices involved in BDSM, but for the sake of simplicity I … Continue reading

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Food, Memory and Storytelling by Oakley

My people have a saying that sums up just about every Jewish celebration: “They tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat!” Jewish holidays are filled to the brim with culinary symbolism, from the much-discussed seder plate of Passover to … Continue reading

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