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Video Games, Romance, and Entitlement

by Micah The video game industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of entertainment media. As the medium’s popularity increases, video games become more diverse, both in audience and in content. Game plots are no longer restricted to shooting enemy … Continue reading

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Forbidden Love: Arranged Marriages and the Influence of Bollywood in Nepal

by Rylan My friend and I are laughing about Hrithik Roshan’s most recent film, “Bollywood,” she declares, “the stories always portrays forbidden love. It talks about loving who you choose, but actually people in Nepal are still pretty traditional.” Before … Continue reading

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Japan’s Affection Economy

by Nevada You’ve had a long day working in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, wouldn’t it be blissful to crawl into your significant other’s loving arms? But wait, somewhere in the hustle of the metro-life you didn’t prioritize a relationship. … Continue reading

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The Voice

By Chris S. In the contemporary United States competitive television shows have received great enthusiasm. These competition shows include dancing, singing and talent shows. This essay focuses on the popular television show, NBC’s The Voice, from the lens of political … Continue reading

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Gender Inequality in Pop Culture

By Alex G. The other night as I turned on my television, I came across a music video playing on MTV. Utterly shocked at the presentation of actual music on MTV, I watched the screen and listened. “The usual…” I … Continue reading

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EDM and Ecstasy: The Popular Rise of a Genre and its Implications

By Casey C. Electronic dance music (EDM) is a supergenre of music that includes club music, dance music, electro house, and other similar subgenres. The shorthanded, simplified summary of such music is synthesized music, normally played and created by DJs … Continue reading

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