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Don’t Destroy Estes Park

by Alex As a tourist cruising into Estes Park on your weekend getaway, you’ll not only notice the breathtaking views of Rocky Mountain National Park and the local wildlife roaming around town, but something new will catch your eye and … Continue reading

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The Jerusalem Connection

by Laken History has taught us that cultures and individuals put a large amount of significance into inanimate objects. Whether the object is a sacred city or an old car, as humans we can’t help but feel a certain connection … Continue reading

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The relationship between people and smartphones: A Culture of Disconnection and Distraction

by Taylor Smartphones offer applications to help manage almost every aspect of life, leading to increased personal efficiency and communication. However, with this constant connection comes disconnection. The invention and rising popularity of the smartphone has completely transformed our culture … Continue reading

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Importance of Independence from Family

by Nevada In Indian society, the children would often stay with their family, even raising their own children in the same house as their grandparents. A daughter who marries will often find herself living in her husband’s parent’s house. It’s … Continue reading

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Music: How A Family Can Be Formed By A Common Enjoyment

by Dale Music. That one word can send chills up my body. A song has the power create emotions that someone has never felt before, and a band? They have the ability to create a family. Although it may not … Continue reading

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Sister Wives

by Chris In 2010, TLC aired a new show called Sister Wives, a television series documenting the life of a polygamist family. The family consisted of one patriarch, Kody Brown, his four wives, and their seventeen children. Family as an … Continue reading

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Men’s Pursuit of God-Like Bodies

by Riley The rippling, muscular, gargantuan male figure has become a highly desirable body type throughout America. From comic books to advertisements to major motion picture, this physique is constantly displayed through media. Gyms across the nation are filled with … Continue reading

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