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Welcome to the ANTH 2100 Blog – Fall 2015

Welcome to Anthropology2100, a cultural anthropology course blog for Fall 2015. Anthropology 2100 was originally created by the undergraduate students and graduate student TAs of Professor Carole McGranahan’s Introduction to Cultural Anthropology course, Fall 2010 at the University of Colorado. We are … Continue reading

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The Art of “Thin-Shaming”

by Skyler Have you ever seen a young, spindly giraffe try to play soccer, basketball, or rollerblade? That was me for the first seventeen years of my life. While my dad made jokes while embracing me in his arms about … Continue reading

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The Scarification of Dinka Youth

by Cory As humans, we innately look for ways to integrate ourselves into a common group. From piercings to tattoos to the clothes on our back to our very beliefs, we are in constant search for connection, and hopefully, a … Continue reading

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Skinny, but Healthy: Perceptions of Bodily Perfection in Japan

by Jaime Ideas can come from the strangest of places. The idea for this essay came to me as I was struggling to bench what I felt was an immense weight in an attempt to achieve musculature that would make … Continue reading

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Kimchi for Christmas

by Kris “I am half-Korean,” is a response to a question I am asked almost daily, or at least any time I meet a new person. Growing up with a “white” dad and a Korean mom made for some interesting … Continue reading

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Is Open Marriage the New Normal?

by Madison, The idea of an open marriage is not a new one, but has been gaining a lot of traction in the media, and is also becoming a more socially acceptable practice within American society.  We have all heard … Continue reading

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The Family: Raised by a Refugee

by Levi, In 1989, there were around 20,000 registered Romanian refugees in Hungary, who had fled their home country because of the Romanian dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu. My mother was one of these individuals. She escaped at night in the pouring rain when … Continue reading

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