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Social Class Hanging from a Shoulder

by Lindsey Between Louis Vuitton and Prada, there is wide-ranging market for expensive handbags. The ability to afford and flaunt such luxury items has created a visible distribution of wealth among women in various cultures. However, it is clear that … Continue reading

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by Stevie At the core of anthropology there is one fundamental lesson: there is no such thing as “right” or “wrong”, only culture. The relationship between humans and the cannabis plant is just another reiteration of this foundational understanding of … Continue reading

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Exploring the South American Ayahuasca Drug

by Mickey For an estimated 2000 years, the ayahuasca drug has been consumed for religious and healing purposes among indigenous Amazonian peoples.[1] The religious uses for the drug serve to provide the individual with some sort of divine knowledge or … Continue reading

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The Hierarchical Value of the Black Body

by A “I don’t see color”, a common phrase used in the United States to promote a Colorblind society and essentially one free of racism. “ I have a Black friend”, “I love Beyonce”, “LeBron James is my favorite athlete”, … Continue reading

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Increasing Plastic Surgery by Low and Middle Class Brazilians

by Ash An interesting case study involving the human body can be found in Brazil. Here, elective plastic surgery by women has seen a surge in popularity. The high demand has made the price come down, and opened the market … Continue reading

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Ecological Burial: Body Composting

by Levi ‘Ecological Burial’ or ‘Body Composting’ are names for a method of burial which has gained media attention and popularity in recent years. Several companies[1] offer services in which the deceased’ body is put through refrigeration, chemical, or decomposition … Continue reading

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