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Inedible Delicacy

by Finley J. I remember little of my Bestamama. She immigrated to the United States in 1952 from Horton, Norway, and brought many customs, rituals, and foods to our family. The strongest, most pungent memory/food was a Norwegian cheese secured … Continue reading

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Sexy Time or Friendly Time? The Cultural Assumptions Behind the Friend Zone

by Jules Z. What is meant by the friend-zone, a term popularized by the sitcom Friends[1], is best seen through Ross and Rachel’s relationship. Ross, a male who doesn’t fit the typical “masculine” stereotype, is seen as a “nice guy.” … Continue reading

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A Firing Pin for Military Culture

by Denver A. For some, a salute doesn’t mean much. It’s a hand which comes up to your brow and down again. It is a caricature used to mock military members in modern times, but few understand it as a … Continue reading

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Gender Dysphoria? The Role of “Passing” in Society

by Armani G. To the vast majority of the population, gender is not an omnipresent concern. The same cannot be said for the transgender individuals of modern society, for whom every detail of gender is pored over and analyzed. This … Continue reading

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If You Liked It, Then You Should Have Put A Ring On It: Engagement Rings in U.S. Society

by Azariah M. Two or three months’ salary – that’s the price one “should” spend on an engagement ring, according to countless relatives, cheesy sitcoms, and opinionated Internet bloggers. Although some claim that this well-known rule-of-thumb is decreasing in popularity, … Continue reading

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Fitness: A Cultural Expectation or a Biological Need?

by Dominique F. With its seemingly endless opportunities for outdoor activity and 300+ days of sunshine, it is not surprising that Boulder, Colorado would be chosen as number one on’s list of America’s fittest cities.[1] But while some people … Continue reading

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Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Gender Expectations

by Yael P. When I think of love, I think of my parents. My mom and dad’s relationship has always been one in which mutual respect and support is prioritized, and responsibilities are shared. This is a concept that was … Continue reading

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