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The Significance of Being Greek

by Brynn My first month here at CU I was consistently asked whether or not I was going to rush. Now, this may have to do with a the fact that my roommate is a senior in Chi Omega, but … Continue reading

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The Nuclear Family in a Matriarchal Society

by Tarun In the mountains near Lugu Lake in the high-country of China, a phenomenal community of people exists under completely different societal norms and familial structures. The Mosuo are known to be the last true matriarchal society in existence … Continue reading

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I Am Not a Tomboy

by Adrien I grew up in my big brothers’ hand-me-downs, and had short hair until I was older. I spent a significant amount of time with my brothers, but I am not a tomboy. I always get the same reaction … Continue reading

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Welcome to the ANTH 2100 Blog – Fall 2015

Welcome to Anthropology2100, a cultural anthropology course blog for Fall 2015. Anthropology 2100 was originally created by the undergraduate students and graduate student TAs of Professor Carole McGranahan’s Introduction to Cultural Anthropology course, Fall 2010 at the University of Colorado. We are … Continue reading

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Music and Its Significance Within Culture

by Kiran Music is critical in defining who we are, and how we determine identity. It is often times a facility in which to communicate emotions, beliefs, and abstractions that may not have been available otherwise. While our culture uses … Continue reading

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Releasing the Wild Thing

by Dakota In a world overrun with technology and social media and constant connections between people, extroversion dominates the social stratosphere. These extroverted people, who gain their energy from interpersonal interactions and high stimulus situations, block out the quieter, more … Continue reading

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More Killings to Come

by Reise Last Thursday another shooting happened in the United States, this time on Umpqua Community College campus in Oregon[1]. It was the 297th mass shooting this year[2]. If this statistic isn’t already alarming, knowing that there have been 281 … Continue reading

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