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Social Class Hanging from a Shoulder

by Lindsey Between Louis Vuitton and Prada, there is wide-ranging market for expensive handbags. The ability to afford and flaunt such luxury items has created a visible distribution of wealth among women in various cultures. However, it is clear that … Continue reading

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by Stevie At the core of anthropology there is one fundamental lesson: there is no such thing as “right” or “wrong”, only culture. The relationship between humans and the cannabis plant is just another reiteration of this foundational understanding of … Continue reading

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Exploring the South American Ayahuasca Drug

by Mickey For an estimated 2000 years, the ayahuasca drug has been consumed for religious and healing purposes among indigenous Amazonian peoples.[1] The religious uses for the drug serve to provide the individual with some sort of divine knowledge or … Continue reading

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The Art of “Thin-Shaming”

by Skyler Have you ever seen a young, spindly giraffe try to play soccer, basketball, or rollerblade? That was me for the first seventeen years of my life. While my dad made jokes while embracing me in his arms about … Continue reading

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The Scarification of Dinka Youth

by Cory As humans, we innately look for ways to integrate ourselves into a common group. From piercings to tattoos to the clothes on our back to our very beliefs, we are in constant search for connection, and hopefully, a … Continue reading

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Skinny, but Healthy: Perceptions of Bodily Perfection in Japan

by Jaime Ideas can come from the strangest of places. The idea for this essay came to me as I was struggling to bench what I felt was an immense weight in an attempt to achieve musculature that would make … Continue reading

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Importance of Independence from Family

by Nevada In Indian society, the children would often stay with their family, even raising their own children in the same house as their grandparents. A daughter who marries will often find herself living in her husband’s parent’s house. It’s … Continue reading

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