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Weighed Down

Living in Boulder, I can definitely say that this city touts a healthy lifestyle. While the implementation of healthful living is by no means bad, I have noticed a malicious affect: obese individuals often feel judged by thinner individuals because … Continue reading

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Body Piercings

Body piercings have been around for many years and they are used differently depending on the culture. In America, body piercings have been gaining more popularity. There have been more different types of individuals who are getting piercings, which has … Continue reading

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Quick! Picture a person walking. Imagine this march. The left leg is straight, now the right, very slight bending in the knees. The shoulders are back; the arms are away from the body. The chin is up; the eyes are … Continue reading

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The Man Ring

Cultural anthropologists commonly understand the human body to be “pre-cultural” in that an individual has a physical body before s/he has culture. Despite this, the way in which people discuss or, as will be the focus of this paper, adorn … Continue reading

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The American Body Image and Steroid Use

Humans are always looking for an edge. Whether in academics, athletics, or simply physical appearance, humans are always trying to find a way to get ahead of the competition. One of the most highly controversial and publicized means of doing … Continue reading

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