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The Art of “Thin-Shaming”

by Skyler Have you ever seen a young, spindly giraffe try to play soccer, basketball, or rollerblade? That was me for the first seventeen years of my life. While my dad made jokes while embracing me in his arms about … Continue reading

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The Scarification of Dinka Youth

by Cory As humans, we innately look for ways to integrate ourselves into a common group. From piercings to tattoos to the clothes on our back to our very beliefs, we are in constant search for connection, and hopefully, a … Continue reading

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Skinny, but Healthy: Perceptions of Bodily Perfection in Japan

by Jaime Ideas can come from the strangest of places. The idea for this essay came to me as I was struggling to bench what I felt was an immense weight in an attempt to achieve musculature that would make … Continue reading

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Men’s Pursuit of God-Like Bodies

by Riley The rippling, muscular, gargantuan male figure has become a highly desirable body type throughout America. From comic books to advertisements to major motion picture, this physique is constantly displayed through media. Gyms across the nation are filled with … Continue reading

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Controlling the Body

by Jordan The most profound course I have taken thus far in my academic experience is Nutrition. Not only did this class teach me the essentials of nutrition like proteins and carbohydrates, but even sub-related topics such as eating disorders. … Continue reading

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The Thigh Gap Obsession

by Austin Without over thinking it imagine what you think a typical American woman should look like? If you’re living in the 21st century, a female most likely was pictured in your head as probably young, with blonde or brunette … Continue reading

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