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Twins: Legendary or Disposable?

Historically speaking, different cultures have had fascinating views and practices regarding twins.  In some instances twins are praised and seen as a blessing, while in others they have been despised and seen as a bad omen—sometimes leading twins in certain … Continue reading

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Leaving the Nest

One of the most exhilarating and terrifying, yet meaningful and productive actions a teenager can do is fly out of the comfortable coop their parents have built for them.  There is little responsibility while living under a family member’s roof … Continue reading

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Internet Community as Family

Like most great ideas, the impetus for this paper came to me while watching cat videos online. And though perhaps not the best use of time, cat videos, cat gifs, and other cat and kitten themed content are emblematic of … Continue reading

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Practical Adoption

When someone says the word “family” there are a multitude of images that might come to mind for various people. This image is then likely pictured or thought about in juxtaposition to the traditional family. In America the traditional family … Continue reading

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It’s All Greek To Me

‘Tis the season of door chants, walk-outs, and datebooks. Huh? You might ask, but to a sorority woman this can only mean one thing: the start of formal recruitment. As a member of a sorority, I have heard it all. … Continue reading

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Mr. Mom

For generations, gender roles within the family have been stationary: the father is the head of house and the breadwinner, and the mother raises the children. Many—if not most—women, upon becoming a mother, found themselves in that conventional category of … Continue reading

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