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Local food in the US

The local food movement has become increasingly popular in the United States over the past thirty years. In 1980, when the first Whole Foods Market opened, there were under a dozen “natural” grocery stores in the United States; there are … Continue reading

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The Mighty, Magnanimous Microwave

The most essential appliance in the American kitchen has quickly become the microwave. This small but powerful machine keeps many American college students from starving, helps save working parents priceless time, and gives children the ability to make macaroni and … Continue reading

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Cola and Culture

Food has a great impact on cultures around the world, and a good example to illustrate this is a corporate consumable, such as the popular drink Coca-Cola. Anthropologists can find many different impacts and relationships between a culture and something … Continue reading

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To Beef, Or Not To Beef

On average, people living in America today consume 120 pounds of meat per year.[1] Today in America roughly 37,233,715,560 pounds of meat is consumed annually.[2] Although there is one other country in the world that consumes more meat, America is … Continue reading

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Shifting Tastes of Food in America

Culture, as it is currently understood, is the learned patterns of behavior adopted by particular group of people, including the particular ways in which people do the things necessary to survive.  For example, everybody needs to eat, but how and … Continue reading

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Organic Obesity

Food and female body image has changed drastically over time, leading body shapes from thin, to curvy, to muscular. In America, food and body image is extremely important to females, particularly teens and young adults. Currently, it is “fashionable” to … Continue reading

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