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For the Love of Pets: A Look at Animal Companionship

By Ryan K. Snuggling, going for long walks around the park, and stroking your fingers through their hair. These images may commonly be associated with romantic relations between human partners. However, these very same images also coincide with loving relationships … Continue reading

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“Autism Warrior Moms” – Lessons in Performative Affection

By Kendall F. In an era of increased knowledge about autism as a condition, there is an equal increase in opinions on the topic. Most prominent in 2019 are the voices of autistic individuals, though this is a new development. … Continue reading

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Before We Continue – Negotiation in the Formation of Polyamorous Relationships

By Raine B. I began my most recent relationship with conversation. When we knew that we liked each other “that way,” we sat down and talked about how we perform relationships, what expectations would be, what intimacy level we wanted, … Continue reading

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Happily Never After

By Marley Z. And they lived happily ever after. But what is “happily ever after”? Through Disney princess movies, little girls grow up watching and learning about princesses and their quest to live happily ever after. These movies present an … Continue reading

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Who Are You Calling Hunny?

By Avery B. Hun. Babe. Love muffin. Snugglebug. By reading these four names you can begin to picture a couple canoodling, showing their affection for each other. The majority of people can agree, even if they haven’t been in a … Continue reading

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Sexy Time or Friendly Time? The Cultural Assumptions Behind the Friend Zone

by Jules Z. What is meant by the friend-zone, a term popularized by the sitcom Friends[1], is best seen through Ross and Rachel’s relationship. Ross, a male who doesn’t fit the typical “masculine” stereotype, is seen as a “nice guy.” … Continue reading

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If You Liked It, Then You Should Have Put A Ring On It: Engagement Rings in U.S. Society

by Azariah M. Two or three months’ salary – that’s the price one “should” spend on an engagement ring, according to countless relatives, cheesy sitcoms, and opinionated Internet bloggers. Although some claim that this well-known rule-of-thumb is decreasing in popularity, … Continue reading

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