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The Day After Thanksgiving

This sacred unofficial holiday is a day that millions of people around the world wait all year for. People save up their money for this expendable day, and often times, people have been killed in urgency and anticipation of this … Continue reading

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Consumers of Christmas

It’s the week after Halloween and it feels like Christmas day. The mall is covered in lights and garlands, the stores are playing carols, and the TV is showing commercials for the perfect Christmas gift. The only place Christmas hasn’t … Continue reading

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Shouldering the Burden

Students have used a variety of options to pay their own way through college over the years, including scholarships, grants, and working a job or two.  However, modern day American students, for the most part, have parents who are stepping … Continue reading

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Allowance: Is it coddling, or just culture?

When I was growing up, I never received a regular allowance. Whenever my friends sported new shoes or touted concert tickets, I always felt compelled to ask: “Did you really pay for that with your own money??” Of course, the … Continue reading

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Only Got Twenty Dollars In My Pocket

American youth have always used money as an outlet for self-expression. Recently, teens and young adults have shifted their purchasing powers away from ostentatious displays of wealth to a more understated way of making a monetary statement– thrift shopping or … Continue reading

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Coin Cutting

The practicality of artwork has long been debated, usually seen as a marker of civilization but virtually useless. What about the artwork we’ve been so accustomed to that it escapes our notice, passed off as common normalcy and quickly disregarded, … Continue reading

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